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HTS means Safety

Making Today Safe and Tomorrow Secure.

The equity of the best businesses is in their employees and client relationships.

So it goes without saying, that Heights Tower is keeping a full-time eye on safety issues, safety equipment and training everyday—protecting both our employees and our client’s business reputations at all times.

Heights Tower has a full time Safety Officer. Expert in equipment, procedures, coaching, and watching out for that “one last thing to do”.  This makes sure that our flawless climbing record remains so.

He insists (and we heartily agree) that all team leaders must be climbers. This insures that they know first hand the unforgiving nature of gravity and the bedrock importance of safety procedure.  This results in them becoming in-the-field advocates of best safety practices with our crews.

All employees who climb are trained and certified.


Our safety programs include:

• Daily Tailgate Meetings

• Weekly Safety Meetings

• Monthly Team Leaders meetings

• Ongoing Rescue Practice

• Ongoing RF and First Aid Re-Certification

• Ongoing Recertification of Tower Rescue

• Provide consistently supervised monitoring.

“It all starts with safety. By focusing on this keystone, we protect our staff, our clients, and our livelihoods. So whether its climbing best practices and safety training, or giving folks the opportunity for growth and promotion, or a close-knit community to belong to, we pursue the well being and future of all our employees—everyday.”

P.S. In case you’re interested, we’ll walk you through all the safety gear we ‘suit-up’ in everyday.—HTS

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