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About Us


What in the world is HTS really all about–and how do we maintain such a high standard of service in cell tower maintenance and construction?
Strange as it may sound, we actually follow our mission statement.

Heights Tower Service, Inc. provides customers with its proprietary “Forward Focus” service EVERYDAY—caring for both short and long-term goals—thus contributing to our client’s on-going success.”

So how does this “Forward Focus” help us serve our clients better?
In a nutshell, we’re all about the ‘Long-Term’—the long haul. We’re about providing services that solve our client’s needs today, while always keeping an eye on tomorrow. Making short-sighted descisions based on ‘flipping a buck’ is NOT how you build a sustainable business, or how to develop long-term client trust. HTS is building a company that clients can trust in the clutch, and can continue to trust over the years to help them realize their longest-term goals.
HTS Success will be measured by the following:
• Working hard everyday to deliver comprehensive expertise in dozens of tower practice areas: Inspection Services, Installations, Up-Grades, Repairs and On-going Maintenance Services, as well as general and National Turnkey Tower Construction Services. 

• Pro-active service and partnership with clients, with an eye toward sustainable relationships.
• Ethical conduct by the company and its employees.
• All management partnering with employees, with an eye toward supporting a quality lifestyle for employees.

At Heights Tower Service, we work  with our employees to build a company that is quick to respond in emergencies, faithful to deliver quality in the day to day, and trustworthy and committed for the years to come. Truth is, if we can help our clients meet and exceed their customer’s expectations—well let’s just say that means good things for each and every one of us.

Should you require any type of tower maintenance, or tower construction—we’d love to lend a hand.
Give us a call at (419)-989-4759

Mark Motter—
president, founder and CEO of HTS